Our Story

The Shah Family with daughter Sapna

Aban Wadia Shah

Arvind and Aban Shah

Here's our story...
Created in 1975, Arvind Group evolved from Scaindia Merchandising Inc., a husband and wife import/export business run by the Shah family from a showroom on 5th Ave. in NYC.  After transferring to California in 1980, the business was managed between the two coasts from Santa Barbara, CA. Mr. Shah, a graduate of the Industrial Design School at the University of Michigan, worked as part of legendary Lee Iacocca's team at Ford Motor Company on automobile design directly upon graduation. He then transitioned to Crups in Ulm Germany, a decision which launched him into the housewares business. In his long career, Mr. Shah has created hundreds of different designs for residential and hospitality and worked internationally in design development and as the USA Sales Director for numerous companies worldwide.